Understanding natural search and paid search for photographers


What’s that? What’s that?

To put it simply, natural referencing is the set of actions carried out on a website to optimise its position in the “organic” results of search engines, and it is, among other things, the optimisation of your content that will promote this good ranking.

By definition, this term is opposed to paid referencing linked to advertising campaigns (adwords for Google). These ensure good immediate positioning according to the coherence of your campaign, but do not guarantee its durability.

The results of natural referencing take longer to see, but have the advantage of being free and sustainable.


Importance of Google ranking in 3 key stats


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Free Google positioning issues

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make your site more relevant to search engines, increasing your traffic and improving your notoriety.

Why natural referencing is so important

Today, it has become essential to obtain a good positioning in the organic results proposed by search engines. This ranking allows you, free of charge, to generate qualified traffic in quantity. For Google to position you well in its engine, it must consider you as a reliable source of information, a reference in your field. On this condition, it will “advise” you to Internet users.

75% of Internet users who mainly consult the natural results (and in fact abandon the advertisements). It is therefore essential to be in the top 10 expressions on page 1.

In fact, you need to target the keywords that will increase your traffic and get more qualified leads. The goal is simple: your prospects must now come to you, and we’ll chew up the work for them!


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This optimization must be done at two levels (examples are not exhaustive):

On page”: the main criteria can be modified in your website:

  • The appropriate choice of key expressions and the quality of your content
  • A coherent and fluid architecture of your pages
  • The performance of meta title, ALT and descritption tags
  • The internal mesh
  • Page loading speed
  • The sitemap of your website
  • The quality of your url
  • Off page”: elements present outside your website
    • The quality of external links pointing to your site (netlinking)
    • Popularity linked to social networks
    • The notoriety of your site

Traffic analysis

To make your SEO evolve is to adjust and understand where the Internet users come from on your website, but also how they get there.

Indeed, having a lot of traffic is not necessarily synonymous with a quality audience!

For example, if a lot of people visit your site via google image, it is not obvious that their first wish will be to buy a picture or a photo shoot from you.

It is therefore essential to use the free google webmaster tools to measure your audience and understand its behavior.

It will thus be possible to readjust different elements that will allow you to optimize your site.

” Google Analytics is a powerful tool, indispensable for understanding this data. “

What about Google’s search console in this story?

Although it has evolved – and will no doubt continue to evolve – Google’s search console is primarily used to understand the dysfunctions of your site and to improve its structure.

“It’s primarily a tool for webmasters.”

By linking with Analytics you can obtain certain data.

However, let’s distinguish between Analytics and Search Console according to the needs of analysis.

Do your customers find you? Think about your SEO in the long term

The quality of the results will be obtained through a succession of technical actions that may seem accessible at first glance but which actually require time and real skills. “Your competition evolves, the algorithms change, and so does your time. It is therefore essential to consider a work of natural referencing perennial.

What about Adwords in this story?

If you want to go further and attract more potential customers, why not use Adwords. Using Adwords, you select keywords for which you want to appear. You can put a maximum budget.

Using Adwords as a photographer can be very interesting if you do a good job of analysis and choose good keywords.